Northern Minerals Program

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We are also grateful for the assistance of Kevin O’Reilly, former Director of Research for CARC in the Yellowknife, Northwest Territories office in converting the documents to a PDF form.

CARC has examined mineral development across the North for many years. Most of this work focused on environmental and socio-economic impacts and benefits, and conformity with law and policy. The NMP envisioned a more proactive approach to linking sustainability and mining across the North. In particular, the NMP has taken aim at the manner in which current policies; regulation and monitoring practices reflect the principles of sustainability. As well, CARC examined the challenges and opportunities that 'impact and benefits agreements' bring to Aboriginal governments.

Viewers are free to download the documents for their use we ask that acknowledgment be given to CARC and request a donation be made to CARC noting the Northern Minerals Program. For those requiring a large number for educational purposes please contact the Executive Director or Jan Glyde in donor support for a data release permission. The page numbering and format may differ slightly from the hard copy publications. The following is a list of the NMP Working Papers.

  1. "Mine Reclamation Planning in the Canadian North" by Brian Bowman and Doug Baker.
  2. "Aboriginal Title and Free Entry Mining Regimes in Northern Canada" by Nigel Bankes and Cheryl Sharvit.
  3. "Reforming the Mining Law of the Northwest Territories" by Barry Barton.
  4. "Thinking About Benefits Agreements: An Analytical Framework" by Janet Keeping.
  5. "A Guide to Community-Based Monitoring for Northern Communities" by Brenda Parlee.
  6. "The Free Entry Mineral Allocation System in Canada's North: Economics and Alternatives" by Malcolm Taggart.
  7. "Aboriginal Peoples and Impact and Benefit Agreements: Report of A National Workshop" by Kevin O'Reilly and Erin Eacott.

These papers are 'works in progress'; much of the research continues. While we believe that the findings offer important opportunities for reform, the views and opinions presented are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of CARC.

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