How to Transfer a Prescription

Prescriptions are tricky stuff. If you already gave your prescription to a pharmacy, they’ll be responsible for filling it out. If you want to move the Rx prescription to a new place from your current drug store, you can’t do it on your own.

If you want to transfer it to us, for instance, you’ll want to contact us and tell us that you want your Rx transferred. It’s a common action that only takes a few steps. Just make sure that your prescription still has refills and that we have the medication you need. All prescriptions in our pharmacy are issued through CeruleanRx, an authorized Canadian pharmacy operating strictly under Canadian law.

1. Contact Us

If you want us to have your prescription instead of your old pharmacy, you need to contact us. Do it the way you want: phone, email, messaging, and so forth. We’ll get you on the right track. Of course, to get you set up, we’ll need some personal information about you.

2. Share Information

You’ll need to share some information first. You’ll need to provide some personal info, such as your full name, address, and other stuff needed to serve you in the best possible way. There’s a form with all the specifications, so don’t worry. In addition, tell us where your last pharmacy is and how to contact them.

In addition, we’ll want to know everything about your prescription, including its number and what drug you want with it. Before telling us all this incredibly thrilling stuff, make sure that we do have the drug you need exactly as prescribed. We can give you products with another name, but it has to be a substitution that works in the same way.

3. Wait

After that, we’ll have to contact your old pharmacy, chat with them for a few minutes and request the Rx to be transferred to us. Usually, it takes a few days for the thing to arrive. If there are no unexpected issues, it shouldn’t take long. Neither should they have anything against it.