P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Ph.D

P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Ph.D., is a professor of history and co-director of the Centre for Foreign Policy and Federalism at St. Jerome’s University (University of Waterloo). He is also Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, headquartered in Yellowknife and including patrols from all three northern territories. Whitney is a prolific author on both historical and contemporary Arctic sovereignty, security and governance issues. His recent books include studies of the Canadian Rangers, historical and legal dimensions of Canada’s evolving sovereignty positions, and Aboriginal-state relations.

His current research includes work on Whole of Government approaches to security and safety, northern resource development, indigenous issues, and contemporary circumpolar affairs. He is currently Linishing books on China’s Arctic interests, early postwar polar exploration, the Joint Arctic Weather Stations, and the DEW Line. He is also co-editor of the Documents on Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and Security (DCASS) series. In addition to his scholarly work, Whitney is a frequent consult to various government departments and non-governmental organizations.

Download Whitney’s One Arctic &/or his newest book, China’s Arctic Ambitions:

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