Requesting a New Product

Despite our best efforts, our Canadian pharmacy can’t offer every medical product there is. Specific drugs might not be available because of their irrelevancy, obscurity, or they are hard to get. Regardless, you can request a product we don’t currently have in hopes that it will appear on our online shelves.

To request a product, you’ll need to fill out a form. We’ll need the details about the product, as well as details about you. Don’t worry because we won’t sell this info to some third-party marketing team. We just really like to keep track of every single contributor. If enough unique customers want a drug to appear in our pharmacy, then we might include it.

You essentially suggest us to buy some product to resell it to you later. We don’t acquire our drugs for no reason. There are thousands of drugs, and we can’t know if you’ll need any of them. This way, you’ll help us understand the needs of an average buyer. If this drug goes on sale, we’ll notify every single one of you via email.

By requesting a product, you make sure that you’ll be able to buy it from a reliable pharmacy without extra intermediaries! That is, if you aren’t the only customer interested in this drug out there, there is more likelihood the request will be satisfied.