Canadian Pharmacy – Certified Online Canada Pharmacy

Carc Canadian pharmacy is a certified online pharmacy, also functions as an innovative aggregator of quality and affordable offers from various pharmacies and services. During the period of our existence, we have grown from a small pharmacy to a hypermarket, having served more than 1 million customers. All our visitors are important to us, and we do all we can to make you satisfied with the level of service.

In our service you can order:

  • medications;
  • health products;
  • means for personal hygiene;
  • care cosmetics;

The range of medical products is constantly updated. The catalog contains both popular medicines and rare ones.

Our Benefits

Canada pharmacy has been on the pharmaceutical market for more than 2 years. We are ready to assist you in getting both prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. Our main advantages are:

  • High level of reliability. We sell only certified goods.
  • Convenient search. The site provides filters by price and purpose.
  • Fast service. We accept orders around the clock. It takes no more than 10–15 minutes to complete.
  • Own warehouse. We store medicines in accordance with all the demanded norms, observing zoning, temperature, and humidity levels.

You should remember that your health does not forgive savings on quality. Working for many years only with proven suppliers, we guarantee the quality and availability of certificates, registration certificates, and other related documents for each of our more than 1,500 products. We offer to buy a medicine from an online pharmacy at a fixed low price without leaving your home. You can pay for your purchase in a convenient way. We are pleased that our approach to work and the quality of the services provided have been highly valued for many years. Our team and reputation in the market are our main assets.

What is Uniqueness of Our Canadian Drugstore?

Our pharmacists have specialized knowledge of drug safety and efficacy. The pharmacist is a “distant assistant” of the doctor who is equally responsible for the result of drug therapy and, in addition, for reducing the cost of treatment.

Professional pharmaceutical assistance.Our stuff is a close-knit team consisting exclusively of professionals who are focused on achieving maximum results in providing quality services to our clients. Specialists of Canadian Pharmacy chain do not just “release the goods”, but solve the problems of patients, working not as sellers but as specialists in the healthcare system.
Affordable prices.Due to the availability of its own logistics infrastructure (warehouses, distribution centers, and transport), Canada Drugstore has low costs and makes a minimum markup on medicines.
Quality medicines.Each series of medicines is subjected to multi-stage quality control. If substandard products are identified, we return the batch to the manufacturer, or destroy it.
Special offers.Our loyalty program provides an opportunity to make discounted purchases using coupons and bonuses, and to purchase medicines that are subject to special offers.
A modern approach to the sale of medicines.The policy of the network is as follows: not to make one-time discounts, but to maintain the optimal ratio of price and quality every day.
Additional services.You can order rare or expensive drugs, reserve them and pick up them at a location convenient for you.

The goals of our work are:

  • Effective and safe use of drugs.
  • Guaranteed therapeutic result with optimal treatment costs.
  • Prevention of diseases, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.
  • Promoting the rational prescribing and use of medicines.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Over the long period of our existence, we have developed a reliable partnership program. Our Canadian partners are authentic companies that supply us with original, quality products. Thanks to our collaboration with well-known brands, we have the ability to establish a fixed pricing policy despite external economic and political factors in order to please you with the lowest prices. We appreciate the trust of our customers and guarantee the quality and authenticity of medicines, medical devices, and other pharmacy products. All products from the assortment of our pharmacies have certificates and declarations of conformity that meet the requirements of the current legislation. We work only with those suppliers of pharmaceutical products that have a long-term, impeccable reputation and are ready to confirm the origin of each package delivered to pharmacies.

Our Canada drug suppliers usually take leading positions in the pharmaceutical market. The advantage of all these companies is the constant updating of the assortment: new positions appear in the catalog every day. In addition, one more benefit is a trusting relationship of partnerships and satisfaction of customer needs. In addition to drug suppliers, an important part of the successful work of our company is occupied by logistics. Online Canadian pharmacy has a large-scale logistics structure capable of delivering medicines and health and beauty products to any point in the country. The logistics structure complies with all standards for the storage and transportation of medicines. Warehouse capacities and technologies We specialize in the storage of medicines and parapharmaceuticals and have all the necessary infrastructure and competencies. The warehouses of our Canadian drugstore have implemented a unified system for handling goods at all stages of storage, from acceptance at the warehouse to shipment to the retail chain.

Common Questions

How can I find the necessary drug?

For your convenience, the site has several searching options for drugs and medical devices:

  1. search by name: a line in which you can write a part of the name, composition, or manufacturer that you know; this way, you can additionally compare several similar drugs from different brands or manufacturers;
  2. Search by category: the entire range is divided into sections and subsections, including dietary supplements, children’s products, cosmetics, optics, orthopedics, and much more, so you can, for example, make a choice at affordable prices;
  3. Alphabetical search: if you doubt that you remember the complex name of the drug correctly, such an alphabetical search will also help you.

How to order?

The procedure for purchasing goods in our Internet service is very simple and consists of several steps.

  1. Select a product (If you have found a product that you need in the list, just click on the line with the name and you will go to the product card. Once you find the item you want, click the “add to cart” button.)
  2. Choose a pharmacy organization and location. All pharmacy organizations have licenses to carry out pharmaceutical activities for retail trade, storage and dispensing of medicines for medical and veterinary use.
  3. Pay for the order.
  4. Wait for the e-mail or SMS notification about the order.

Why can prices differ?

The retail price depends on:

  • the manufacturer’s price,
  • the price of distributors,
  • the demand for the drug,
  • the distance of the pharmacy from the warehouse,
  • The final destination point.

Do I need a prescription? It is possible to buy both prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. Although, it’s important to present a prescription for some kinds of medications.