The importance of respect

The word respect is key to understanding wildlife and environment. If there is no respect then environmental problems arise. Everything in the environment has a place and use by people and wildlife. So, damage to any of these causes problems, we learn something about currents, ice, river systems, snow cover, and animals every day and … Read more

Report, like northern infrastructure, does not go far enough

A house of commons committee report intended to take a comprehensive look at northern infrastructure needs was released recently. The report is good as far as it goes, but like northern infrastructure, it doesn’t go nearly far enough. It identifies the need for better northern infrastructure, earmarked northern infrastructure funding, and an approach to prioritizing … Read more

Northern Minerals Program

CARC has examined mineral development across the North for many years. Most of this work focused on environmental and socio-economic impacts and benefits, and conformity with law and policy. The NMP envisioned a more proactive approach to linking sustainability and mining across the North. In particular, the NMP has taken aim at the manner in … Read more

Environmental responsibility

Inuit and Cree know we should have a clean environment in order to make our bodies, animals and the environment function well. The environment must remain healthy because people have to rely on it for food. The animals are part of our life, and have to be looked after very carefully….Lucassie Arraqutainaq, Sanikiluaq It was … Read more

Environmental Change and Its Significance to Inuit and Cree

The correct interpretation of environmental change has often meant the difference between life and death to traditional Hudson Bay Cree and Inuit. As hunters and trappers, they are skilled in recognizing natural indicators of change and systematically interpret the consequences of those changes. They watch the way lakes, rivers, and sea water freeze to determine … Read more

2030 NORTH: A National Planning Conference Introduction

By Charles Birchall Summary: The Canadian and circumpolar Arctic is undergoing unparalleled economic, cultural and environmental transformation as a result of global climate change coupled with widespread natural resource exploration and development. Canada’s assertion of full sovereignty over the Northwest Passage and the efforts of Arctic Ocean rim nations to extend their interests and continental … Read more

The natural environment

We, as aboriginal people, are part of the land and water…. We recognize and respect the delicate balance of nature for the total existence of all living things including those we see physically, and those we don’t. The Creator gave us that understanding and knowledge to visualize the harmonious relationships we have with our lands … Read more

North American Caribou Management and Research Review

Executive Summary This report was created to help the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee in their review of caribou management and research in North America. Management has become crucial for the future survival, health and vitality of caribou herds in North America. The cross-political boundary migration of caribou herd requires the cooperation of Canadian provincial, local, … Read more

2030 NORTH: Towards a Canadian Arctic Strategy

  Presented by Franklyn Griffiths Summary: Given an extensive frontage on the Arctic Ocean and, after Russia, the largest land holdings in this part of the world, Canada has a great deal at stake in the evolution of the Arctic as an international political region, specifically in the changing proportion of cooperation and conflict among … Read more

2030 NORTH: The Pace of Change

Dr. Oran Young, session paper author Summary: We need empowerment. Over the last fifty years we have been shackled, discriminated against, and held back by the policies of this country. But during that time we have changed the constitution, changed the map of Canada, and have done so with the federal government and INAC fighting … Read more