Our Services: Medical Dispensing

Medical dispensing is a way of receiving your drugs in a pharmacy. It’s essentially an incredibly safe way of making sure you have the best-quality medication available to you, to receive additional consultation, and double-check that you know what you are doing.

It’s just as important for your pharmacy to offer the best medical dispensing services because it’s actually their responsibility to keep your meds fresh and make sure you get all the necessary pills in time. Not to brag, but medical dispensing is one of our many specialties here over at online Canadian Pharmacy.

Even though we largely operate online, you can still get your meds the classic way – directly from your pharmacist. You do have to get to a pharmacy nearby to do that, but it’s more of an option than a mandatory procedure. You can still just buy the stuff online and have it delivered to you. Dispensing is just safer and sometimes better.

To sign up for dispensing, you’ll need to bring your prescription with refills. After that, you’ll just need to visit the pharmacy on a regular basis. When you need to come depends on how many doses of medication you have. When it runs out, you’ll have to get a new one. By then, it’ll probably be ready for you.

The dispensing process itself happens this way:

  • You arrive at your pharmacy on a scheduled day;
  • A labeled and prepared med is ready to be picked up by you, which you do;
  • You pay for it and leave.

The actual process of preparing your meds, validating your prescription, and filling it out is up to your pharmacist. You will, however, need to bring your prescription to them, share some information about yourself and just be reliably in touch with them. Once you start getting your medications dispensed, you better follow it through until your prescription ends.