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  • Canadian Pharmacy ensures the protection of the personal data of its users. We cherish the privacy of our customers and want to be open in our work. Here you can read about the Privacy Policy of the company, a short discourse will also be provided about what information is collected and for what reasons. Our Privacy Policy is based on a set of certain principles:
  • All data collection is limited and our company will not gather any data beyond necessary to provide the right service.
  • Carc does not collect or disclose any personal information without the consent of the individual, whose data is involved.
  • Our company is open as to how and when we use personal data and any user can object to their data usage in public cases.
  • We want to guarantee our users complete protection, so we use modern methods of security to prevent any unauthorized access or data leakage.
  • Personal information must be accurate and up-to-date to provide full and secure service.

Please note, that at the end of the page you can find the e-mail and phone number of our Privacy Policy department, which will provide you support in any questions related to the usage of personal information.

What Types of Personal Information We Collect

We collect only personal information that can be helpful in making the right suggestion for your treatment. It can be your name, e-mail address, occupation, credit card, etc. You can always control which data is gathered from you, but it can make the process of getting advice more difficult. Sometimes additional information may be needed, in this case, you will be contacted by our manager and go through a safe process of clarification.

Anonymous/non-personal information can also be collected in some cases. This type of data does not hold any details that can be traced back to a specific person or business, so it is safe and legal to store it.

Ways of Collection and Usage of Personal Information

Carc resolves to the collection of personal data only in the means of providing the most comfortable and right service. We apply legal and professional methods of data collecting and ensure the proper safety of any information collected. The usage of personal data is highly restricted and is applied only with the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. 1 Carc does not sell, trade, or share any data compiled.

For What Purposes We Gather Personal Information

We use your personal information only to communicate with you and make your cooperation with the company easier. In some cases, your information may be given to the services, related to the Carc, but all of them are trustworthy sources with which we work for a long time.

Personal data can be summoned for legal reasons in court orders or by any other authority in power. Of course, if that happens you will be informed before the act of transmitting.

In What Cases Personal Information Can Be Disclosed

Carc can disclose personal data only in certain events, and to organizations or individuals that are related to our business system or provide legal service to our company.

Upon collecting your personal information, that may be sensitive to disclose, Carc will submit it only when it is important for providing you correct services.

We are required to disclose Personal Information only under certain circumstances, which might be law or court requirements, when information is public, or when Carc considers it vital to protect the right, property, or safety of a certain individual or group.

Accessing and Updating your Personal Information

Retaining the most complete and right information is our main goal. As a customer, you can access, verify and change your personal information, because it has to stay up-to-date to provide our best service.

You may make corrections as often as you want, as long as the data you apply stays correct. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude the possibility of some mistakes. If you happen to notice incorrect information in your file(s), please notify our administration, so we can deal with it as fast and effectively as we can.

Security Measures

Our company wants to ensure, that your data is kept under full and certain protection. We apply modern methods of online security, that guarantee you safety against disclosure, unauthorized access, misuse, or inappropriate alteration. Different information requires specific levels of protection, as it may hold sensitive data of a certain individual. Electronic data is stored in places with restricted access, and hard-copy files like paper documents are kept in areas with high-level security.

Carc website was established by professional programmers. It runs on up-to-date platforms of internet protection and is coded to safely store personal information. All our servers use firewalls to ensure no data leakage.

Employees of our company go through standard measures of verification and have probation and training period, so we can see their reliability. A confidentiality agreement is signed, which prohibits any usage or disclosure of personal information by our employees and in cases of such disobedience, they can be punished by law.


We will not collect any information without first getting the consent of the individual whose data is mentioned in the question. Our company does not have a right to share or disclose personal information unless certain circumstances appear, and even then the user will be notified about such an occurrence. Carc always wants to provide modern service and finds new methods of work, and sometimes that may require the usage of personal data, however, no changes will be applied if the individual does not consent to personal information exploitation.

Cookie Policy

Modern internet technologies store or retrieve users’ information in the form of cookies. They mostly access how much time you spend on the web page, which part of the website you were interested in, and what information did you obtain.

Our website also uses cookies and other measures of tracking. They provide us with information regarding what type of products and services our users look for, gives active feedback, and help improve marketing and promotional methods to make your experience with the website better.

Upon entering any website, you can choose which cookie files you want to share with the company. You can dismiss that massage or reject cookies usage, but that can affect your ability to interact with certain features.

Updating this Policy

If any additional updates will be applied to this Policy our customers are going to be immediately informed. The Policy is regularly changed according to the course of work of the company. Carc is always open about what may be updated in its Policy, and you can also see the date of the current version of the agreement on the webpage.

Privacy Policy Concerns

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or need additional information you can always contact our administration, which will assist you with up-to-date information, with the following methods:

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