2030 NORTH: Opening Remarks

  By Mary Simon Summary: The sovereign claims of states in the Arctic will be of little value if humanity’s sovereign responsibilities for the earth as a whole are not respected. It is true that there are more conventional issues of sovereignty in the Arctic. Some fear that aspects of Canada’s sovereignty in the North … Read more

2030 NORTH: Land Claims Agreement in the North 2030

  Presented by John Donihee Summary: Considering the importance of land claims to the future of the North, how well has the implementation process progressed? The answer appears to be not so well. The 2003 report of the Auditor General of Canada reviewed progress toward transferring federal responsibilities to the North, including implementation of the … Read more

2030 NORTH: Keynote Address

By Sheila Watt – Cloutier Summary: For a region at so many global and historical crossroads, we can only move ahead in the North successfully and strategically by thinking holistically about the many challenges facing our region and its peoples. …major international environmental challenges have profoundly impacted the Arctic and its continuing viability as a … Read more

2030 NORTH: In the Grip Of Climate Change

  Presented by Robert Hubert Summary: What a difference a few years will make. Until very recently any discussion of climate change and its impact on the Arctic focused on convincing the audience that climate change existed and that its present and future impact on the Arctic was substantial. Those who were interested in the … Read more