Cipro Generic (Ciprofloxacin Tablets): Doses, Warnings, Side Effects

Cipro is a common drug that incorporates ciprofloxacin – a very strong antibacterial compound that deals with a long list of harmful (and helpful) bacteria within the human body. Due to its effectiveness, the drug is capable of killing many internal and other infections within just over a week.

In particular, people are given Cipro during respiratory infections, ENT diseases, lung problems, as well as many other issues related to one’s digestive system, kidneys, skin, genitalia, et cetera. It kills bacteria, and it’s especially effective against a certain list of infectious bacteria.

It’s essentially an antibiotic. Cipro is particularly good against some bacteria that typical antibacterial medications do not deal with as effectively. It also doesn’t let them become more resistant to these antibiotics, which is a huge relief. It means the job will be done to the last microbe.

Cipro is pretty good at killing particular microorganisms, meaning that some conditions are targeted specifically by ciprofloxacin in its many forms. Some of the more harsh diseases are respiratory, like pneumonia or bronchitis. However, there are dozens more conditions that Cipro can deal with.

Cipro Generic in Canada and Abroad

Cipro is a prescribed drug that can be readily bought online in Canada and US. Similar products with different names are available all over the world, which creates an outstanding potential for saving money. Ciprofloxacin from Canadian Pharmacy Generics isn’t that expensive of a drug, all things considered.

If you decide to buy a regular 500mg package of Cipro, 20 tablets, these will be your usual prices in online pharmacies:

  • In Canada, Cipro can be bought for about $100, but there are cheaper options;
  • In the US, the usual price is around $120;
  • In the UK, the prices can drop as low as $60.

These are the typical prices for this type of product in this form. Other variations, including injection concentrations, drops, and so on, have their own pricing systems. You can also buy the medication in its generic form – ciprofloxacin. It can be acquired online in Canada, where it is usually in stock.

These generic products use the same formula and exhibit the same qualities as your good old Cipro. The only difference is that generics don’t have a brand. ‘Cipro’ is a name given to this product by Bayer, the main manufacturer of ciprofloxacin drugs. Plenty of them are just generic, but no less effective.

The generic ciprofloxacin alternatives can be bought for just a fraction of what you saw above. The same dosage and quantity can easily be bought for just $60, and there are plenty of other alternatives that sell up to 100 tablets, all 500mg, for about $70. The quality is more or less on the same level. There is just no brand markup.

How does it work?

This type of antibiotic is called a quinolone. Not to be overly complex and all scientific on this matter, let’s put it simply. These chemicals affect the DNA structure of bacteria directly. It harms their ability to carry on their genetic material, reproduce, and have healthy progeny.

The new bacteria, born while you’re taking your ciprofloxacin, will have a weaker structure. As a result, they are much easier to deal with by your immune system. Thanks to this effective cycle, your Cipro course may only take 1 week. If the infection has spread and taken root, it will take longer, unfortunately.

Like all antibiotics, ciprofloxacin kills more than is necessary, taking with it many good bacteria that help your body go on. Thus, many adverse side effects can appear during your treatment course. Some are basic nausea-type consequences. Others, though, are unique, and there are many of them.

Don’t let it frighten you. If it came to the point where taking antibiotics is your only choice, then Cipro isn’t much worse than other antibiotics. It is, however, very effective and strong. You’ll only have to take it for a short while, after which you’ll be able to enjoy diarrhea-free existence.

Doses of Cipro Generic

The non-generic Cipro typically comes in packages of 10, 20, or 30. They are standard quantities, but the dosage in each individual tablet can also vary between 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg. They actually correspond well to the usual doses taken by patients, within the margin of 50mg.

Generic products can include many more tablets. Some go up to as many as 100 in one package. Generic packages tend to have multiples of ten (40, 50, 60, and so forth), like Bayer, but it’s not followed as strictly. After all, these are independent manufacturers. That being said, the dosage is often the same as Bayer’s.

Other products, like Ciloxan, Neofloxin, and others, tend to have the same system as Bayer’s Cipro. However, since there are so many alternative products that contain ciprofloxacin from different countries, you can’t really track their different systems. In short, you can really find anything while shopping online for these.

How to take Cipro Generic

The average dose is about 500mg, but it’s adjustable and can be lower or higher depending on your own body response during the treatment course. If you’re taking your medicine orally, then you’ll need to take your personal dose 2 times a day (usually). It can be just once a day or you can actually be given any other schedule.

Besides tablets, Cipro comes in various other forms. Remember that you can treat very different bacterial infections with this medication. These like to live in nearly every organ there is in your body. Some of these organs are better treated with drops or injections rather than tablets.

In fact, injections are more common with ciprofloxacin than with other antibiotic drugs. It’s faster to treat your infections this way. The treatment lasts 2 weeks, tops. The dosage is also smaller, on average, so you only need roughly 300 mg per injection, two times a day, to complete your course.

The course of Cipro taken orally (tablets, for instance) is usually 7-30 days. It can be extended to 60 if the situation is dire.

Warnings / Cautions / Side Effects of Cipro Generic

The adverse effects have a lot to do with the reduced number of bacteria and other microorganisms in your body. The most common effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, anxiety, nightmares, faster heartbeat, and dulled sense of smell.

There are many more serious and intricate consequences, such as blood in the urine, easier urination, harder urination, depression, double vision, arthritis, reduced number of leukocytes, and a lot more. It’s important to remember that you won’t likely feel any of these effects. They are very rare, and will only occur if you have an illness history with the organs in question.

In terms of contraindications, you don’t want to give this drug to individuals under 18, pregnant women, and people with psychological problems. Many of the scarier side effects have something to do with your brain and, while not a sure thing, Cipro can deteriorate your mental health while improving your physical one.

Overdose of ciprofloxacin can lead to a variety of bad effects, including death. Thus, the administration of this drug should be done under strict medical control. Upon overdosing, stomach pumping and some other measures are typically taken. With good discipline, ciprofloxacin won’t cause you much harm.