Prednisolone Generic (Pediapred Tablets)

Prednisolone is a widespread medication used to treat a large variety of conditions. These conditions include various inflammations, allergic diseases, autoimmune issues, and some forms of cancer. The benefits can be humongous, but there are plenty of adverse effects, too.

This drug is a steroid. A lot of people know to distrust this stuff, mostly because of all the sports-related stuff. Some steroids can give you an appearance of a muscular person. They are hormones that regulate and stimulate some activities within your body. Prednisolone is such a hormone, but it’s not used for mindless bulking.

This medication is a corticosteroid if it tells you anything. It’s used in medicine for an outstanding effect. Like other steroids, it can give you plenty of problems when it comes to many of your organic tissues (skin, muscle, bone, you name it). So, consider professional consultation before starting this drug.

Prednisolone was first uncovered in 1955. It was since used to treat serious inflammatory problems, autoimmune diseases, and a lot more. It’s most famously given to people with arthritis, asthma, and leukemia, but there are numerous other health issues this drug deals with.

How does Prednisolone Generic work?

Prednisolone is a steroidal medicine that simulates cortisone. Cortisone is a naturally occurring hormone found within our very bodies. It serves a similar purpose as the drug we’re talking about. Unlike cortisone, though, prednisolone is fully synthetic. It shares the same formula and has similar properties, but is fully man-made.

Cortisone only affects the liver area, where it reduces inflammation and does other helpful stuff. Prednisolone can be administered wherever, and in whatever quantities deemed necessary. The different uses of this substance include oral intake, vein injections, muscle injections, as well as treatment of joints, eyes, etc.

The two main benefits of this thing are that it discourages inflammation and basically weakens your immune system. The latter sounds daft, of course. After all, you are friends with your immune system. Well, not always. Sometimes it tries to kill you for one reason or another, that’s what autoimmune disorders are.

Although a full-time medicine, these pills should be taken with caution. Steroids are known to deteriorate one’s bone structure and cause a decreasing height gain, ulcers, stomach hyperacidity, higher blood pressure, swellings, psychological disorders, acne, and so much more. Basically, all parts of your body are affected if you take it long-term.

Prednisolone Generic in Canada and abroad

Prednisolone is a common enough drug in both Canada and USA. The pricing can differ based on many factors (which is a running theme for this medication, anyway). Different pharmacies, companies, and brands charge differently for different forms of the product. If you buy online from different countries, here’s what you may be charged:

  • About $40 for 120 ml in Canada;
  • Anything from $100 to $300 for 120 ml in the USA.

The prices can seriously differ, all the more so because you were just given a spectrum of prices for liquid prednisolone. Other packages will contain tablets, capsules, as well as balms, injection fluids, and whatever else. You can understand that the cost is hugely variable. The general consensus is that it’s not a very cheap drug.

Canadian online pharmacies usually adhere to three typical packaging forms. They are all liquid: 5 ml, 10 ml, and 120 ml, as a rule. The concentrations are usually just 1%, but you can get different deals. Some pharmacies obviously provide tablets, starting with 28 in a package and onwards. A lot of other forms also exist.

These specifications describe the different brand versions of prednisolone, ones that can be obtained with the least effort. They include stuff like Omnipred, Pred Mild, Orapred, and others. However, you can buy the ‘generic’ variant of prednisolone – these are sold without a brand and just go by ‘Prednisolone’.

This generic stuff can be bought for as little as $25 in Canada, provided you do it online. The composition is virtually the same, the quality is no worse, and you can often find larger packages for your convenience. It’s generally better to just buy generic, unless you want special brand treatment.

Doses of Generic Prednisolone

There are so many different doses of this medicine for different methods of treatment. Your usual dose of prednisolone in a day can be anything from 2.5 to 60 mg, and even more. A usual tablet could be 5, 20, or 80 mg in weight. Tablets are outstanding because your personal intake of this drug is meticulously measured and can be anything.

However, it’s up to your doctor to decide what form of this drug exactly you’ll be taking, when, and how. It can also be tweaked right in the middle of your course. After all, different bodies react differently to an extra steroid diet, and you can’t always predict what’s going to happen.

How to take Generic Prednisolone

You can be prescribed prednisolone for many different conditions. The dose, therefore, can also vary a lot. The usual daily intake can be up to 60 mg. If your doctor says so, it could be lowered or raised. There also isn’t a set duration for a course. You may take the thing for only a few weeks or use it daily forever.

There are also different forms this administering can take. The usual tablet form is a possibility. However, you might also need to have the medication injected directly into your veins, upper tissue, muscle, and joints or put it onto your eyes. There are different methods for different conditions. There are also unique adverse effects of each method.

Your doctor will give you a daily norm of prednisolone that needs to be taken. It can be divided into several portions, taken throughout the day, but you can simply chug it down in one sitting. If you do so, it’s better to do it at breakfast time. This way, it’ll feel more natural for your body.

Warnings / Cautions / Side effects of Prednisolone Generic

There are many adverse effects suffered by the patients prescribed prednisolone. Some of them are short-term, like nausea or vomiting. It goes away if you continue to take the drug. If you do, though, some long-term effects are bound to develop. They are more diverse and serious.

In addition to all the different problems mentioned above (including problems with bones, growth, tissues, swellings, high blood pressure, acidity, and more), you can also count on hormonal issues, decreased potassium, decreased nitrogen, glucose imbalance, and a lot more. These things aren’t obvious, but you need to keep an eye on them.

These can lead to a variety of different problems in addition to the more straightforward issues. Your doctor is bound to tell you everything about your inner balance that may change, and you’ll have to monitor it constantly. Fortunately, you can remedy or reduce some of these bad consequences with other medications.

In fact, prednisolone is very often combined with other medications to restore the many different imbalances that are bound to occur. These medications include different anabolic, antibiotic, supplementing, diuretic, and other solutions.

It’s important to take all of them if that’s what you’re prescribed. If you feel something should be prescribed to ease your experiences, you should say so to your doctor.