Propecia Generic (Finasteride Tablets)

Propecia generic is a drug that many men would seek in their older days. It reduces nasty problems such as balding, as well as benign hyperplasia, also known as prostate enlargement. It’s basically a swelling in your prostate area, which makes it harder for you to urinate, among other things.

This isn’t great, and a lot of males find themselves with this unwanted condition later in their lives. Now, it’s not cancer growth, it won’t kill or otherwise incapacitate you. That being said, it is essential to pee, which is why getting rid of this prostate enlargement should be a priority. So, that’s where Propecia comes on stage.

Propecia is a medication that includes a finasteride compound. It’s an inhibitor of a kind you won’t remember, most likely. Thanks to it, though, you can gradually reduce this growth in your prostate, which will in turn make it easier for you to go about your business in the restroom.

Finasteride is the main component of this drug, Propecia. The latter is just the brand name, but it’s basically the same drug. The pills containing finasteride were approved and licensed in 1992. Men all over the world have been just a bit happier ever since. It does come with its own side-effects, but more on that later.

Propecia in Canada and Abroad

Propecia can be bought in most stores in Canada. It’s a fairly common drug, so you can order it online and have delivered to your doorstep virtually in any part of the country. You can purchase it from a Canadian manufacturer or some other company in the world.

The prices for finasteride differ between Canada and other countries. In Canada, the usual price for 80-100 pills is about 100 USD. The price can be easily doubled if bought in the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and other countries. The pricing is pretty similar in these countries.

How does Propecia work?

How it exactly works is a complex topic.

Prostate treatment

It would suffice to say that this ingredient mentioned above is an inhibitor. Inhibitors affect the hormones in your body. These, in turn, make different changes in your body, depending on the particular hormone. In this case, it reduces the concentration of testosterone in you, simply put.

The drug turns it into a similar hormone that is more useful for your body in the context of reducing enlargement in your prostate. That’s where the inhibitors are applied, in particular. Naturally, due to the smaller amount of testosterone in you, there are ‘bad’ consequences related to libido.

Propecia helps because the big T hormone actually helps hyperplasia grow. Reducing its concentration will reverse the growth. It’ll still take several months of daily consumption to make the thing go away. At the very least, the inhibitors concentrate in the prostate area.

Hair loss

Propecia can also be used to negate hair loss. Pattern hair loss is a common thing found in males older than 50 (sometimes even younger). It’s a bummer that suggests the advancing age. This condition can be very detrimental to one’s mental well-being, but it’s also a nasty cosmetic problem, naturally.

So, instead of getting hair transplants or otherwise torturing your hair into unnatural, weird forms, you can try getting Propecia. This drug is typically a last measure because it can seriously dampen your mood in bed. That being said, even besides hair loss and benign growth in your prostate, it’s a good solution for the prevention of prostate cancer.

In terms of how it works, finasteride reduces the other testosterone hormones in your bloodstream. A particular hormone, dihydrotestosterone, contributes a lot to hair loss. Later in their life, men develop more receptors of this compound in their scalps, and that means fewer hairs on their heads.

Generic Propecia

Generic products are a good (and the main, in many cases) way to save money. You can of course save money by purchasing products of lesser quality or otherwise tanking your health. Generics are good, however. They are completely safe and include the same very ingredients.

Generics are a type of pharmaceuticals that have all the same stuff your brand pills would have, except without, well, brand name. It means no R&D, no additional costs, and no unnecessary fluff (like flavoring, alternative forms, and so forth). They are incredibly cheaper, just as effective, and just as safe.

They get scanned for flaws with the same care and attention as your famous brand products would be. So, you’ll probably not be poisoned by one of these. They might be less effective or healthy from the beginning because the Generics include a compound in its original form – just as it was patented, but without further research.

Generic finasteride (the same thing as Propecia, basically) can cost about 60 USD for 100 pills.

Doses of Propecia

The usual package sizes are 28, 56, and 84 pills. You can find other packages, some that contain 8, 30, or 100 pills. They also vary for Generic versions, which can be anything from 30 to 100 to even a neat year-round supply of 365 pills per package. The usual weight of an individual pill is 1 mg. They sell them in pill form almost exclusively.

How to take Propecia Generic

The usual finasteride course takes several months. It varies depending on the size of your personal prostate growth. That being said, taking it daily for 7 months will probably make the hyperplasia retreat. The visible effect takes time, but it really depends on the situation. Though, you can feel it work even after 3 months.

The usual way of taking the drug is to take 5 mg (5 pills, usually) of it every day. It doesn’t matter when you do it, so meal time is not important. You might want to take it at more or less the same time every day to avoid overdose. It would be awkward if you overdosed on prostate meds.

Although that is the typical plan, your treatment course can vary. What’s more, you can take other drugs in addition to finasteride. There are other drugs for prostate treatment, but if you only need it to help you regain your luscious hair, then you’ll probably have to do with just Propecia.

It’s a prescription drug, so you’ll need and have to discuss these details with your doctor. You should make sure to mention the allergies and such!

Warnings / Precautions / Side effects

The most heartbreaking (not literally) side effect is the lack of libido during the treatment course. It’s a common enough side effect, but it may not even happen to you. So, don’t lose hope just yet. The other issues in this area include general erectile dysfunction, troubled orgasm, and unusual ejaculation, so to speak.

Other, less concerning problems include different allergic reactions, mostly on your skin, lips, and so forth. It can itch, turn red and otherwise cause discomfort. It will probably be light enough that you can ignore it when it comes, but you’ll only know for sure when it hits you.

Besides that, there are some adverse effects related to one’s breasts: breast growth, breast tenderness, and so forth. Lastly, there are some suggestions that depression can be a side effect. If you seem predisposed to that sort of malady, you might want to talk to your doctor specifically about it.

Other than that, Propecia doesn’t discriminate. It can be taken by adults and children (don’t ask why). Even women take it – usually to decrease hair growth. You don’t want to give it to the pregnant women, however. Liver failures are also a no-no. Other than that, you can give this medicine a try.