Generic Strattera (Atomoxetine Tablets)

Strattera is a common drug for addressing ADHD in kids, teens, and adults. It’s generally considered a safer alternative for stronger pharmaceuticals administered for the same reason. The actual effectiveness comparison is subjective because the drug reacts differently with different personal conditions (as most drugs, anyway).

Strattera is one of the better options if you feel like your kid needs treatment for hyperactivity or if you yourself suffer from a lack of concentration. Do note, however, that there are methods to treat such issues without pharmaceuticals. Drugs should be taken if you see no better alternative.

Prices on Generic and Brand Tablets in Canada and abroad

Strattera is a reasonably expensive drug. The price obviously varies from country to country, but not as much as it could have. Here are several pricing examples for Strattera (28-30 capsules, 25 mg) from different countries:

  • The usual prices range from 25 to 120 USD in Canada;
  • The average cost starts at 90 USD in the USA;
  • The drug costs on average 80 USD in Australia.

There are other manufacturers all over the world, including Mauritius, the UK, etc. The price still comes close to 100 USD in many cases. Some discounted and special products can be acquired at a lower price. So, it’s possible to find packages as cheap as 20 and 30 US dollars.

One notable example is Strattera Generic, which is basically the original atomoxetine recipe as designed in 2002. ‘Generic’ products are a type of drug that is just pure substances without any modifications or additives. Some pharma brands sell this product under their own brand, adding a giant mark-up in the process. Strattera Generic is just quality-controlled unfiltered atomoxetine, which is still safe and comfortable to use.

Strattera Generic is usually 5 times cheaper than the non-generic equivalents. The catch is that they are usually harder to find, but not with online pharmacies. There is plenty of this Strattera blend online.

As for dosage, this drug comes in capsules and tablets of different sizes. The usual options are 28, 56, and 84. Packages of 30 are also found quite often. As for Generic, they come in packages of 30, 60, and 90. Other variations can also be seen, but these seem to be the most common.

What is Strattera?

Strattera is a drug that most notably incorporates the atomoxetine compound, a relatively new product designed to mitigate the symptoms of ADHD, hyperactivity, and similar conditions. It’s not a psychostimulant, as they like to mention, which means it doesn’t affect the nervous system that much.

It’s a neurotransmitter, which might not mean anything to you. Essentially, it’s a chemical that reacts with other chemicals in your brain to affect specific feelings and reactions. In this case, they affect noradrenaline and dopamine. The former is a more relevant chemical.

It helps you feel alert and aware and helps speed up your reactions. Knowing how ADHD works, it’s a good counteractive agent for lack of reaction and concentration. In addition to that, Strattera is often used to mitigate depression and other minor behavioral problems by releasing dopamine, which stands for happiness basically.

How does it work?

General idea

Atomoxetine, which is what Strattera for the most part is, is an inhibitor. What it means is that it encourages specific hormones in your brain to be released in larger quantities. This solution is used because this particular inhibitor can release hormones that weaken the symptoms of ADHD.

These include the lack of concentration, increased movement, increased talking, fidgeting, inability to stay still, and so forth. Although the symptoms are widely known thanks to modern media, it is still worth mentioning them. Regardless, noradrenaline helps with them, and atomoxetine causes noradrenaline to be released.


It’s not a psychostimulant, which means that it’s likely going to be lighter and less dangerous compared to some other ADHD drugs, which can include stuff like cocaine or methamphetamine products. It’s more like antidepressants in terms of intensity and possible adverse effects. Strattera, however, isn’t as big of a deal.

As such, it’s also less effective in battling progressed ADHD and hyperactivity. The drug is typically prescribed for minor to medium cases, but you still need to take it responsibly and make sure not to overdose. There isn’t a drug withdrawal syndrome, either.


Strattera is typically given to kids over 6, teens, and adults. Dosage varies based on age, condition, and other factors. Kids are very often prescribed it because stronger drugs are bound to have an adverse effect on a young mind. It’s actually not needed most of the time, not until the teen age.


Although not in any case an antidepressant, doses of Strattera can reduce the risks of depression. Once more, it’s better used for milder cases of this condition. It’s up to the doctors to decide this, though. Your job is to actually consult the doctors and receive your recommendations.

Doses of Strattera

Since Strattera can be prescribed to anyone older than 6, the dosage obviously varies from person to person.

Patients usually start with 40 mg of atomoxetine each day, regardless of meal time. After a few days of such treatment, the dose can be increased to 80 mg. It’s usually taken in the morning or split in the morning and at a later time if necessary. It should guarantee a stable decrease in ADHD throughout the day.

How to take Strattera

Strattera is administered orally with capsules or tablets. It doesn’t matter whether you take it before, after, or during the meal. The effects usually kick in 1 to 2 hours after you took your dose of the drug. It’s not a particularly strong drug, but it’s better to avoid overdose. It can be fatal, but often just leads to sleepiness.

Warning, Precautions & Side effects

Side effects aren’t regular, but they still can happen depending on personal conditions, allergies, and so forth.

The most common possible side effects affect your stomach. It can include nausea, vomiting, stomachache, reduced appetite, anorexia, and several more. Others include dizziness, reduced libido, aggression, and mania. Your doctor is bound to tell you all about your possible problems. You just need to keep them informed about your conditions and complaints.

It’s not recommended to give Strattera to children younger than 6 because it wasn’t ever tested for them and will likely never be tested. So, the effects may very well be adverse. It can be taken during pregnancy, but it’s not advised during the lactation period, for the same reasons you shouldn’t give this drug to babies.

Some other inhibitors, like the monoamine oxidase inhibitors (ask your doctor) are also off the table if you plan to use them alongside Strattera. Other drugs that may affect the nervous system are also better discussed with your doctor. In fact, you should seek extensive consultation if you plan on using this drug, especially if you want to give it to your child.

It may be lighter than most other solutions, but it’s not harmless. Overdose on Strattera can lead to sleepiness, dizziness, hallucinations, seizures, nausea, and much more. It also increases your heartbeat, which increases the risk of heart attacks if you’re predisposed to such conditions.