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We are a registered charity operating under the rules and guidelines of the Canadian Revenue Service.

For over 40 years CARC has relied on the donations of concerned citizens who value the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic and desire a healthy environment for the people and wildlife who live there. While we have received funding over the years from various sources for projects that create data, research tools and reports that help make the best policy decisions for the people who live in the Arctic, our donor base has been a long standing, extraordinary group of generous people who want to see positive impacts from our work.

The money we receive from our donors goes toward the important projects that you want us to concentrate on. Some of that revenue also helps us continue operations (fees on storage rental, phone bill, postage costs, banking costs, legal fees, digital fees, professional travel and meetings) as well as administrative costs (program management, communications and administration). All other sources of funding are administered toward aspects of our projects that hire researchers, academics, scientists and the creation of publications.

There are many ways to donate to CARC.

You can write us a cheque and you will receive a tax receipt. For many years this was done upon us receiving the cheque, going forward we will issue all tax receipts in February so that you have them for the appropriate tax time.

PO Box 2822 Stn. Main, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2R2

You can donate through our Canada Helps portal on our website, they will issue a receipt immediately. Canada Helps is one of the biggest charity platforms in Canada and helps connect organizations like ours to donors and it does this securely and efficiently. You can use many different forms of payment for Canada Helps.

You can donate now through our Facebook page. The button is only a link to our Canada Helps portal, the exact same one from our website. Facebook will have nothing to do or see of your donation.

You can fill out your credit card information in the letter we send you. Or you can do this over the phone however we prefer you filling out the form as our phone is only a voice mail which means requiring several more phone calls to take your donation. Credit card donations do not get processed immediately however your receipt will always reflect the date of your donation.

You can become a member of the Web of Life, a program that allows you to donate a monthly amount administered through us over a bank wire transaction. This program may come under some alterations in the coming months however it shouldn’t affect your donations.

Legacies and third-party donations
CARC has been given bequests that have helped it carry on its work. The money you leave goes forward, helping the next generation of Arctic advocates. We encourage our donors to think of us when writing their wills and suggest that legal advice toward a legacy is essential to making sure your gift goes further.

CARC will be encouraging more third-party donating in the coming months. This kind of donating may take the form of a party or a life event wherein you ask your guests to give a donation to CARC in lieu of gifts. A simple dinner party or even a large wedding are perfect activities for charitable thinking – there is a growing trend that people would rather see their money go toward a charity than a standard idea of gift giving. Donating to CARC allows your guests to be part of something that they can follow, and enjoy participating in.

If you have any questions regarding donations at all you can always email our communications director who will get back to you within two or three business days.

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