Lois Little

Lois Little MA, has lived and worked in the Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories since 1969 and has permanently resided in Yellowknife since 1975. She is the founding partner of Lutra Associates Ltd., a Yellowknife-based socio-economic research and management consulting firm that was established in 1978. Her work with Lutra focuses on research, evaluation, and program/project design mainly in the social, cultural, and economic spheres of northern life. Lois has undertaken ground-breaking research, planning, and design work in the voluntary sector and on long standing issues such family violence, older adult abuse, gender roles, youth development, and sustainable northern communities. She is a sought after moderator, facilitator, and credentialed evaluator by a wide variety of public and Indigenous government and community organizations, and retains strong connections and networks throughout the NWT. She has been a Director of CARC for almost two decades and is the co-chair of the NWT Chapter of the Council of Canadians.

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