Northern Perspectives

CARC’s Northern Perspectives newsletter has been in print since 1973. As an archival document there is almost no other journal on the Canadian Arctic that is so comprehensive in terms of governance and the environment. Northern Perspectives is now on a short hiatus – we are planning on making it an electronic newsletter in 2018. Please feel free to download these selected copies from this small selection:

Sovereignty, Security and Surveillance in the Arctic 1994-95
Marine Conservation, Keeping the Arctic Ocean on the Agenda 1995
Aboriginal Rights and Land Claims in New Zealand 1995
Aboriginal Communities and Mining in Northern Canada 1995/96
Diamond Mining and the Demise of Environmental Assessment in the North 1996
Ecological Change in the Hudson Bay Bioregion 1997
Arctic Contaminants 1998
Mining Law 1998-1999
Impact & Benefit Agreements 1999-2000
Persistent Organic Pollutants 2000
Return of the pipeline 2001
On Thinning Ice 2002

Pipeline Perspectives 2004
Renewing the northern strategy 2006
What price caribou? 2007

note: several copies of NP had to be reformatted for downloading. Not all are in their original newsletter format.

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