Voices from the Bay

“We are the last human beings on this planet who can give this information to the white governments of this great land of ours that we call Canada.”

For the first time, the indigenous people, who “since time immemorial” have occupied lands surrounding Hudson Bay and James Bay — one of the world’s largest inland seas — have joined to record generations of inherited knowledge and observations of the ecology of this vast bioregion.

112 pages, fully illustrated with full colour maps and photographs

Voices from the Bay presents the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the region’s Inuit and Cree. Fascinating in its own right, TEK is fast gaining recognition as an essential source of knowledge for environmental assessment work and as an important contribution to sustainable development.

Published by CARC and the
Environmental Committee of Sanikiluaq.
ISBN: 0-91996-75-2

Here’s what Fikret Berkes said about Voices in his Sacred Ecology:

The tiny Inuit community of Sanikiluaq on Belcher Islands took the lead to organize a project involving 28 Inuit and Cree communities around Hudson Bay. Carried out in 1992-95, the project aimed to build an integrated regional-scale picture of environmental change from the point of view of aboriginal people, drawing upon the day-to-day and year-to-year observations of hunters and fishers. …It shows how traditional knowledge can complement scientific data.

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